Q: Making poster titles: what PC software is good?

Gerry S. Oxford gsox at med.unc.edu
Mon Oct 31 09:34:20 EST 1994

In article <Pine.3.89.9410281655.A37836-0100000 at umabnet.ab.um> sdaviss at UMABNET.AB.UMD.EDU (Steven Roy Daviss) writes:
>I've used general purpose software to make poster titles (eg, for 
>Neuroscience meeting) but am never quite happy with the process or 
>outcome.  We'd like to get something--not too expensive and able to 
>use a laser printer--to do the job.  I'd like to avoid purchasing Corel 
>Draw or one of those Aldus DTP mega-programs.  
>What have people here used and are happy with?  
>Steve Daviss
>sdaviss at umabnet.ab.umd.edu  

	We discovered (quite by accident) that a program called
"Announcements for Windows" from Parsons Technology, does a great job
of poster titles for little $$$$$$.  The program is primarily 
designed for making greeting cards, but has a "banner" option what
works very well for scientific posters.  It will print on a laser
printer across 4 sheets of paper and putting them together is very
easy.  You can get a copy of the program for $29.95 from:

	Parsons Technology
	One Parsons Drive
	PO Box 100
	Hiawatha, Iowa  52233-0100

Good Luck!

Gerry Oxford

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