Software Tools used in Cognitive Neuroscience

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Sun Oct 30 16:47:38 EST 1994

rolandi at (Walter Rolandi) writes:


>I would like to know if there are any commonly used software tools 
>in the area of cognitive neuroscience.  I have heard of various 
>modelling tools but some seem to be talking about events on the 
>molecular level while others work with more "conceptual" events.

>Can anyone provide me with any pointers?

>  Walter G. Rolandi
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<> You might try a program called "BRAINIAC". It is available via
anon-ymous FTP from :
                                :brainiac.exe  <-- LHA Self-extractor
                     also       :neurotut.exe  <-- LHA Self-extractor

These may not be what you are looking for but the brainiac.exe is multi-
media for WINDOWS. Very NICE! point and click on the color slides!
Kevin Hurley
khurley at

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