Software for analyzing images?

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> >Does anyone know of any software available for a PC that can 
> >"recognize" images and categorize them (something like the recognition 
> >software that can do blood cell differentials - only PC based)?  
> >
> >I have heard talk of something called PhotoBook (not PhotoShop) - 
> >but my source is not sure of the name or where to look further.
> I think NIH-Image could be an idea, though I know only of a
> Macintosh-version, but its free and is around on a lot of ftp-sites.
> T.Cottmann

NIH Image is great, but is only available for the Mac.  The source code is
available too, if you want to port it over yourself...  However, in
response to the original poster, I don't know of a way to make Image
recognize/categorize pictures.


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