Myth, Neuropsychology and Human Conflict

Jordan Peterson godofwar at
Sun Apr 2 17:49:47 EST 1995

I would like to announce the internet posting of a book-length manuscript 
I have written, entitled

The Gods of War: An Investigation into the Intrapsychic Bases of 
Motivation for Social Conflict

This book can be accessed in toto at

It purports to describe why human beings are prone to violent intergroup 
conflict, from the perspective of individual motivation. It presents a 
novel interpretation of the structure of mythology, and relates that 
structure to fundamental neuropsychological processes, manifested in 
cognition and emotion.

I have placed the text on the internet for experimental purposes.
A txt only gopher version is forthcoming.

I hope I am not violating any internet codes of conduct by informing your 
newsgroup in this way. If I have, please excuse my ignorance. 

I hope you find the information I am offering useful and interesting.

Comments regarding the book can be sent to my alias at

godofwar at


Jordan B. Peterson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Harvard Department of Psychology

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