What's wrong with Hebbian synapse models?

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Tue Apr 4 07:53:08 EST 1995

In article <3lmgib$1gt at crl5.crl.com>, rising at crl.com (Hawley K Rising) writes:
>I am trying to get through a book on large scale neuronal theories (Koch
>and Davis, Large Scale Neuronal Theories of the Brain,1994 MIT Press).
>In the introduction they say that although they've had a pervasive effect
>on models, most theories about brain function don't last a decade.  An
>example they give is the Hebbian synapse (synapse strength grows in
>proportion to correlated activity of the pre and post synaptic neurons).
>What was wrong with this theory and can I get a source to read about
>whatever replaced it as acceptable?
>Thanks in advance,
>Hawley Rising
>rising at crl.com
The zeitgeist determines the models that are explored, accepted, or rejected.
Knowledge builds upon itself in the minds of the observers.  Different
individuals reorganize the information and communicate the information to
all.  If the new organization is accepted it grows.  If not it dies and waits
for rediscover.  We are acting like a collective mind with different
sensors (observers).  Birds fly together.  There wing beats are coordinated.
Any individual can change the path of the group.  The group effects
the path of the individual.  Ron Blue

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