Sports, Dance, Movement and the Brain: A Symposium

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       Sports, Dance, Movement and the Brain
                    A Symposium
              DATES: April 21-23, 1995
          PLACE: The Art Institute of Chicago

As the third in a series of symposia focusing on the relationship among
learning, creativity and brain function which began in 1988 with Art and
the Brain, followed in 1992 by Music and the Brain, the goal of this
symposium is to stimulate interdisciplinary research concerning the
possible relationship between creative movement (including dance, sports,
mime and acting) and brain function, particularly at the cognitive level.
The symposium will explore "bodily-kinesthetic intelligence" as presented

by Foundation for Human Potential Board Advisor, Professor Howard Gardner
of the Harvard Graduate School of Education in his highly acclaimed book,
Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. From a broad
interdisciplinary perspective, the symposium will highlight the skills
which underlie this "intelligence". It will bring together, among others,
professionals preeminent in the field of neuroscience, including neurology,
neuropsychology, neurosurgery and experimental psychology; the many fields
involving movement, including dance, sports, kinesiology, choreography,
therapy, instruction and coaching; and the fields of education, learning
disabilities, speech pathology, developmental psychology and cultural

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