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You and your mom are going through a rough time right now.  Although I
don't know that much about your mom's case, perhaps other brain tumor
patients and their family members will be able to help you.  There are a
couple of resources available for you, which are outlined below.

American Brain Tumor Association
2720 River Road  Sutie 146
Des Plaines, IL  60018
800-886-2282<--patient/family line 

We have a wide range of patient education materials that we can snail mail
you if you either call or e-mail us back.  We need to know the type of
tumor your mom has and the treatments other than surgery that she has
received.  Ask specifically for the Coping series of publications.  It
will help you.  Also ask for our Baltimore area support group listing.

We have a Brain Tumor Symposium coming up in Chicago June 9-11, 1995. 
Some very respected scientists will be in attendance sharing their
knowledge.  There will be some time built in for small group discussions
on topics.  Ask for a registration kit.

There is also a Brain Tumor Discussion list on the internet called
BRAINTMR.  Directions for subscribing are below.

BRAINTMR: The Brain Tumor Discussion List

List Title: BRAINTMR: The Brain Tumor Discussion List
List Owner or Contact: Samantha Scolamiero, samajane at

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Keywords: medicine, health, cerebral, brain, tumor, cancer, malignancy

The BRAINTMR list is a forum to discuss topics related to all types of
tumors whether benign or malignant. Hopefully, information and experiences
will be shared among brain tumor patients, their families and supporters,
kinds of concerned medical professionals, medical educators, and
who study brain tumor growth or treatment. BRAINTMR is open to all and is
moderated by the listowner, not edited.

Here are just a few examples of how BRAINTMR could be used:

  *  For patients and families dealing with the same tumor type to "meet"

  *  To find out WHO is doing WHAT brain tumor research

  *  To address emotional aspects of patients' brain tumor treatment

  *  To discuss the impact of brain tumors on individuals, society and the
practice of medicine

  *  To discuss other intracranial malformations (such as the AVM)

BRAINTMR will be as interesting and helpful as its participants. I hope
will generously offer their expertise and experiences to provide
and support.

DES PLAINES, IL  60018-4110

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