brenneman emily ( ba geog) ebrenn1 at gl.umbc.edu
Tue Apr 4 11:21:56 EST 1995

i am emily, the girl who's mom had brain surgery in baltimore two fridays 
ago...i am now looking for information on linear es\xcelleration...how 
does it work?  does it use chemicals?  protons?  gamma rays?  can it be 
used on any type of tumor? and so forth and so on...

the tumor was malignant and metastatic, for those who don't know that 
info and the doctors here are not able to find a primary site, so they 
are focusing on the brain as the primary---for now.  

also, any info on the gamma knife and it's uses...would be helpful.

thanks    emily brenneman
	  ebrenn1 at gl.umbc.edu

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