Could dead people feel and hear?

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> Hi!
> Could anyone say mee, if dead people could hear and fee
> I have heard, that 2 hours after death person could hear and feel, but
not understand.
> (In catholic religion, people could be "subcribed" to be beleivable
after their death, and that they could be
> cleaned from their "badnessees". It was told to my teacher of psychology
by Dr.Dvoracek - teologist and
> docto(r in one person.
> Is that true?
>                                 Mee.
> P.S. I had a bad day today - my English is reallty awful. But I am just
17 years old student from CZ, and I am
>  still learning English.
> I don't beleive to Dr.Dvoracek, that's why I wrote it...
> Answers send please to salda at

Now really, despite what theologians and the psychic like say, saying that
we can see and hear two hours is a bit much.  Besides, it is a tough 
experiment to do. I mean it would be tough for the investigator to go get 
the data and get back to write and submit the paper. And what journal would
one send it to?

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