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> Could somebody please offer explanations, text, references, etc
>  for/against arguements on left/right brain theory.

Hemispheric dichotomies have been greatly overstated.  There are
actual differences between the left and right sides, but usually
only the fabricated dichotomies are recognized by the general
public.  For good reviews see:

_The Integrated Mind_ by Gazzaniga and LeDoux (NY: Plenum, 1978)

_Left Brain, Right Brain_ by Springer and Deutsch (Freeman, 1985)

_Laterality: Functional Asymmetry in the Intact Brain_ by Bryden 
(NY: Academic Press, '82)

_Functions of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere_ by Young
(NY: Academic Press, '83)

"A Review of Right Hemisphere Linguistic Capabilities" by Searlman
Psychological Bulletin 84, 503-28, 1977

"Language Capabilities of the Right Hemisphere" by Searlman
in _Functions of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere_ p87-111 Ed. A. Young

"Hemisphericity: A Critical Review" by Beaumont et al.
Cognitive Neuropsychology, 1, 191-212, 1984

_Frogs Into Princes_ by Bandler and Grinder 1979

Several works by H. Gardner

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