Ringing in my ear: strange observation

x011 at Lehigh.EDU x011 at Lehigh.EDU
Thu Apr 6 09:48:10 EST 1995

I was busy making a test when my attention was directed to the heating fan
turning off in my office.  Then the ringing in my ear started and lasted
for 15 to 20 seconds and then went away.  I have this problem of looking
of opponent-process reactions.  Naturally, I thought opponent-process.
The problem was that the motor noise was a grind but the ringing was
high frequency.  I do have some nerve deafness in my right ear.  The
nerves do become more sensitive for the other frequency.  So I guess
it is possible that an opponent process was set up for the frequencies that
I can not hear in my right ear.  So when the sound went off, the opponent
process resulted in an aftereffect.
Ron Blue x011 at lehigh.edu

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