Opportunities for Graduate Studies

Kathryn M. Murphy muffy at mellow.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 6 09:18:04 EST 1995


Students interested in pursuing graduate training in the field of Behavioural 
& Computational Neuroscience are encouraged to apply to the Department of 
Psychology at McMaster University. Behavioural & Computational Neuroscience 
is very active at McMaster with excellent facilities in the Department of
Psychology, Computer Science, and Communications Research Laboratory. 
Students will have an opportunity to bring experimental and computational 
approaches to bear on understanding the neural basis of behaviour.

Applications for Fall 1995 are still being accepted. Interested students are
encouraged to make informal enquiries directly with the Professor, in 
addition to a formal request for application information.

To obtain an application package write to:
Graduate Secretary 
Dept. of Psychology
McMaster University
1280 Main St. West
Hamilton ON L8S 4K1
tel (905) 525-9140 ext 23020 
FAX (905) 529-6225

or send your full name and address via email to:
psych at mcmail.mcmaster.ca

Associated Faculty
* Sue Becker - Computational models of learning, memory, and perception 
 becker at hypatia.mcmaster.ca (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology)
* James Blackburn - Neurochemical and neuroantomical studies of motivation 
 and learning.blackbur at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Assistant Professor, Department
 of Psychology)
* Denys de Catanzaro - Behaviour and neuroendocrine interactions in stress 
 and pregnancy.decatanz at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Professor, Department of 
* Simon Haykin - Computational models of complex systems.
 haykin at synapse.mcmaster.ca (Professor, Communications Research Laboratory)
* David Jones - Computational models of biological vision systems. 
 djones at insight.mcmaster.ca (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer 
* Daphne Maurer - Development of vision in normal infants and infants born 
 with cataracts. maurer at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Professor, Department of 
* Kathy Murphy - Development and plasticity of central visual areas.
 kmurphy at cascade.mcmaster.ca (Associate Professor, Department of 
* Ronald Racine - Physiological mechanisms of learning and memory. 
 racine at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Professor, Department of Psychology)
* Larry Roberts - Psychophysiological studies of cortical map plastitity 
 and associative learning. roberts at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Professor, Department 
 of Psychology)
* Judith Shedden - MRI and ERP studies of the processes involved in 
 spatial attention. shedden at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Assistant Professor, 
 Department of Psychology)
* Grant Smith - Neural mechanisms of plasticity. 
 smithgk at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Professor, Department of Psychology)
* Harvey Weingarten - Neural and immune system controls of eating.
 weingart at mcmail.mcmaster.ca (Professor, Department of Psychology) 

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