HVC/song control nuclei in Birds - Thesis help needed

COLLEEN M. SPECHT v102nq9f at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Wed Apr 5 23:23:49 EST 1995

In article <XtdWlGJ2tKMI072yn at cnct.com>, albe at cnct.com (Alan Fried) writes:
>> Dear James - i am afraid you are missing the point.
>> A Ph.D. (one hopes) means that you can think these things out for yourself.
>> At least in my department, you must prove that before you get one.
>> Sorry to be so frank - but your posting is pathetic.

>I am afraid you are missing the point. The guy is only asking for help
>for literature review not to make a thesis. I see nothing wrong with
>that. You can't fault somebody for asking for help. As a matter of fact
>this guy needs to be praised for having the guts to ask for it.

i will re-read the post, but i am sure i do not recall request for literature,
i read it as a request for ideas.

>Are you going for your Ph.D? Let me tell you something its a lot tougher
>than getting a masters thesis. I know through my own experience. Give
>the guy a break.

as a matter of fact, i am going for the ph.d., which by the standards of my
department/university by definition requires original thought by the author -

why train your mind in the ph.d. (surely we are not awarded these based on
technique - anyone, including the techs i work with, can master technique)?

i think part of obtaining the degree is the synthesis of what you have learned
in addition to your own *original* ideas.  i have NEVER heard of ANYONE
offering a well-researched topic (this literature is published in terrific
journals and, for the most part, very easy to READ - and i know because i have
read it although it is NOT my field) and then giving a blanket request for a
dissertation idea.

am i wrong here?  (geez - are we being trained wrong here at buffalo?)

>Sorry to be so frank - but your posting is cruel and inhumane.

i will acknowledge that i may have misread, but if i have not, i am glad for
what is expected of me before i obtain my degree.


colleen specht

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