Thesis help needed - A reply to C.Specht

James Major jmajor at
Thu Apr 6 12:57:05 EST 1995

Miss Specht,
   I'm sorry you misunderstood my request for theis literature help in the field of avian song learning
and its underlying neural mechanisms.  I have been researching this topic for years, and was only looking for novel literature
from a fresh field of neurobiologists.  I have been aided immensely - thanks 
to all those willing to share scientific ideas.
   I also apologize for exposing the petty nature of "scientists" and the 
disheartening side of close-minded science, in general.  I'm confident different people
from different universities - large and small, renowned and obscure - can work toward the improved dissimination
of knowledge at all levels.  I wish you, and all your frankness, the best of luck.
I look forward to getting some new, helpful ideas from you in the future!!!

James Major                               

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