Rat SmI Cortex

arjund at ferox.ip.portal.com arjund at ferox.ip.portal.com
Thu Apr 6 19:38:49 EST 1995

	A while back, I posted a message asking for info on the barrel field 
in the rat SmI cortex.  Unfortunately, my news reader crashed, so I now have to 
ask it again:  If anyone out there is doing any work, or is interested in the 
somatotopic organization of the rat somatosensory cortex, (especially the 
facial and forepaw representation), I would be extremely pleased if you could 
email me.  If you emailed me earlier and waited for a response, I'm sorry.  
Furthermore, if anyone knows of any stains other than cytochrome oxidase that 
can stain cortex for barrels in the adult rat, please let me know.

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