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> > : I will be doing some immunofluorescence studies on serotonin in :
> > : formaldehyde fixed tissue. I've heard that the serotonin protocols are :
> > : difficult to get to work right.
> (portion deleted)
>  i would :
> > : really appreciate any help, or suggestions. My email address is :
> > : cassam at THanks in advance for the help, Aly. 
> If anyone responds to this post, could you also send this info my way? 
> My email address is kautzman at  I too would greatly appreciate
> any help!
> Michele
Aly and Michele:

Serotonin in  cell bodies is abundant and quite stable for
mmunostaining;   serotonin in fibers is less abundant than in cell bodies,
and is relatively vulnerable for immunodetection.  It is  easier to be
immunotained when the animals are petreated by, MAO inhibitor, pargyline,
and precusor, L-typtophan. 

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