Announcement: 3rd Chaos Conference

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T h e   3 r d  E x p e r i m e n t a l   C h a o s   C o n f e r e n c e

  21-23 August 1995, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

  Invited Speakers & Topics:

F.T. Arecchi 
  Optical morphogenesis and pattern formation.
H. Beige 
  Applicaiton of nonlinear dynamcis to ferroelectric materials.
R. Brown 
  Models and synchronization of dynamic systems.
T. Carroll 
  Pulsed-coupled circuits and neuronal models.
S. Chatman 
  Solar wind dynamics.
S. Clay
  Subthreshold chaos and squid giant axons.
S. Daw
  Measuring and controlling chaotic dynamics in fluidized beds.
J.M. Flesselles
  Transitions to chaos in coupled oscillator chains.
A. Gavrielides
  Instabilities in semiconductor lasers.
P. Glorieux
  Characterization and control of laser chaos.
T. Mullin
  Organized chaos.
J.M. McGlade
  2-dimensional pattern formation in plankton.
T. Sauer
  Diagnosing chaos in time series and spike trains.
L. Virgin
  Subtle transient behavior in mechanical oscillators.
A. Volkovskii
  Phase locking of chaotic relaxation oscillators.
V. Zykov
  Order and chaos in excitable media.

  Scope of the conference:

* Nonlinear dynamics and chaos    * Spatio-temporal chaos and patterns
* Control and tracking chaos      * Time-series analysis
* Pattern recognition             * Signal processing and communications
* Other applications


W. Ditto, Georgia Inst. Technonlogy, USA
R.G. Harrison, Heriot-Watt University, UK
W. Lu, Heriot--Watt University, UK
L. Pecora, Naval Research Lab, USA
M. Shlesinger, Office of Naval Research, USA
M.L. Spano, Naval Surface Warfare Center, USA
S.T. Vohra, Naval Research Lab, USA


M. Shlesinger, US Office of Naval Research
European Office of Aerospace
Christopher Clayton, Phillips Laboratory (AFSC)
Lothian and Edinburgh Enterprise Ltd.

         >>>   DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS   20 May 1995   <<<

  Some oral talk slots are still available, many posters are available.

  We especially encourage contributions by those outside the U.S.

  The official conference language is English.

  A conference proceedings will be published.


Dr. Rod Neale
3rd Experimental Chaos Conference
Department of PHysics
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh  EH14 4AS

Tel:  (44) 131 451 3023
FAX:  (44) 131 451 3136

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