Could dead people feel and hear?

Markus Kuhn mskuhn at
Fri Apr 7 04:20:25 EST 1995

salda at (George Sulovsky) writes:

>Could anyone say mee, if dead people could hear and fee
>I have heard, that 2 hours after death person could hear and feel, but not understand.

You can simulate quite easily the effects on the brain close to death if
you reduce the oxigen supply drastically for a few seconds. You can do this
experiment yourself by e.g. hyperventilating while sitting on the floor
for a few minutes, then quickly standing up, closing your mouth and
trying to press the air in your lungs outside without opening the mouth.
If you did it right, you will fall unconcious for a few seconds and all
your mental and sensory capabilities are very close to what you will
experience a few seconds before you die by e.g. cardiac arrest. Death is
simply a continuation of this process and I can not believe that the mental
and sensory capabilities will improve again without additional oxgen supply
after a few minutes and remain active for two hours.

PLEASE perform the above hyperventilation experiment only at a location
were you can fall softly and only with other persons trained in medical
first-aid present. It is not very dangerous, we've done it at school several
times, however you should be careful.

BTW: a certain percentage of the probands also experience what some previously
clinical dead persons have reported as "after life experiences": You leave
your body, hear strange voices, see a very bright light at the end of some

All these effects are quite well reproduceable with hyperventilation caused
oxygen lack. Do do not have to die in order to experience these so-called
"after death experiences" and these after death reports are certainly
no indication for some life after death or unexplainable contacts with
whatever your favourite god is, etc.


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