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In your quest for information on the olfactory system and how the
nerves, bulb and cortex process stimuli I would suggest getting ahold of
a text
that was edited (and contributed to) by Tom Finger and Wayne Silver a few
ago.  I don't recall the title (the book is in my office) but you can
get your local university library or bookstore to look it up for you. 
The book
deals strictly with the olfactory system.  You could also contact Dr.
Finger at
the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in the Dept. of
Cellular and
Structural Biology.  Dr. Finger is the director of the Rocky Mountain
Taste and
Smell Center.  It is an interesting area of research, good luck with your
P.S. If you cant locate the book drop me a line via e-mail and I'll
gladly look
up the specifics.

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