Alexander M. Epshteyn aes12 at
Sat Apr 8 14:39:17 EST 1995

I am starting to do research on Lexical semantics as they pertain to 
physiology. I would be most greatfull if any one can give me some head 
start by  referencing to me the newest studies on imaging and lexical 
processing. I have read Posner's "Images of Mind" and Caplan's work(s) on 
Neurolinguistics, but they are rather general and my querry quite spesific. 
I am presently interested in only neurological (not particulary 
psycholinguistical studies) data as 
collected by immaging (P.E.T, fMRI, MRI, ?SPEC) with good spacial 
resolution, although ERP [etc.] studies would be interesting to corelate, 
given the temp. res. 
Thank you.
please post or email me.

Alexander Epshteyn
aes12 at

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