species recognition

Paris Guffey guffeyp at scooby.beloit.edu
Sun Apr 9 22:07:09 EST 1995

rmallott (rmallott at percep.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: What is known about the neural systems that
: allow a member of a species to recognize fellow-
: members of the species? and more specifically
: to recognize members of the species of the
: opposite sex? Is this pre-wired or the result
: of imprinting (Lorenz and geese) or a mix of both?

: Robin Allott    email:  rmallott at percep.demon.co.uk

I read an article a while ago about this issue.  I don't know the name fo
the article where it was found in, though.  It was about peacocks, and it
was very interesting to me.

What researchers found is that there is a certain area of the peacock brain
that is very resonsive to the patterns of a male peacock's tail plumage.  I
don't know how they did it, but it suggests that there is indeed a
biological basis for species recognition (maybe in addition to a learned

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