Brain and Behaviour Lectures in Durham (UK)

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Mon Apr 10 04:37:16 EST 1995

The University of Durham is pleased to announce a General Lecture
Series on the topic of Brain and Behaviour.

A world-wide-web which includes abstracts of the talks is accessible at

The program is as follows:

Charles Gross (Princeton)
The Hippocampus Minor and Man's Place in Nature.
April 28th 1995

Colin Blakemore (Oxford)
How the Brain is Built.
May 19th 1995

Michael Gazzaniga (Davis, CA)
Neural Circuits and Cognition.
October 3rd 1995

Terry Sejnowski (San Diego, CA)
The Computational Brain.
October 20th 1995

Alan Cowey (Oxford)
Imaging the Brain.
November 3rd 1995

Susan Iversen (Oxford)
The Ageing Brain.
November 24th

Each talk will begin at 5pm.  The first will be held in lecture
theatre L50 in the Psychology Department, the remaining in the
Scarborough Lecture Theatre, Science Laboratories, University of
Durham, South Road, Durham, UK.

Enquiries to Dr. C. Heywood: telephone 0191 374 2624
email: C.A.Heywood at

	Dr. R.W. Kentridge	phone: +44 91 374 2621
	Psychology Dept.,	email: robert.kentridge at
	University of Durham,
	Durham DH1 3LE, U.K.

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