Dorsal Noradrenergic Bundle

David Longley David at
Mon Apr 10 09:15:07 EST 1995

DNAB (Dorsal Noradrenergic Bundle) or Locus Coeruleus Origin

Some years ago I was active in the research in this area, trying to find out
what role noradrenaline played in the cortext hippocampus etc. At the time,
Stephen Mason's 'attention' theory seemed to integrate most of the behavioural
findings (Dorsal Bundle Extenction Effect etc). Can someone bring me up to

Secondly, I published (along with Bill Deakin) a short abstract on what I
found naloxone (hydrochloride) I.P. in does 1-5 mg/Kg doses (rats). The 
abstract was published in Brit. J. Pharmacol in April 1981. The findings of
enhanced neophobia, or 'retardation of ythe deline of neophobia' seemed very
dramatic and very robust. Again, has anything very interesting been discovered
over the past 10 years? (A scan of PSYCH LIT has not suggested much in either
the endogenous opiate area, or the monoamines generally.
David Longley

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