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Mon Apr 10 15:12:57 EST 1995

Hi !
I'd like to know if anybody has any news about research about spinal cord 
regeneration that is going on in England-London, Switzerland-Zurich, 
Japan-Kyoto and Israel.

Last status I know is:

* Switzerland - Zurich:
  Research: They used these two substances in spinal cord and it was 
  Responsible: Lisa Schnell
  Organization: University of Zurich
  Substance      In Portuguese          In English (I think so !)
     NT-3        Neuro Tropina 3        Neuro Trophine 3
     IN-1        ???                    Related with the immunologic system

  This research was published on the british Journal called NATURE.

* England - London ?? (may be !)

  Research: Spinal cord transplantation "fix" the injury.
  Responsible: David Herman
  Organization: International Trust of Spinal Research (?)

  This research is going to be (or it was !) published on the Journal of 

 Thank you,

                    Ricardo Ramos

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