Contact in Newcastle, UK?

Ewan ecm5f at darwin.clas.Virginia.EDU
Mon Apr 10 19:53:00 EST 1995

I'm looking for a neurology (or related) contact in the area of
Newcastle, England.  email / posted replies would be great -
and thanks!

Reason if you're interested: my grandfather has recently been
declining *rapidly* into dementia.  While I might be able to
make some contribution were I there, it's difficult to do over
the Atlantic :( The reports I get of the treatment he is
receiving are not good (*no* neurological workup, high doses of
Valium prescribed which have had the effect of inducing an
almost total lack of activity, etc.).  I would like to get in
contact with a researcher in the area who might be interestd in
the case or at least be able to help me in getting some better

As I said, thanks a lot for any advice / help.
Ewan McNay - ewan at / (804) 296-9017
Gamer/socialist/neuroscientist/cook (not necessarily in that order)

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