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Wed Apr 12 12:02:09 EST 1995

pdoyle at (Patrick Doyle) wrote:
> I would really appreciate any advice on a good reliable method for the
> separation of neurones and glial (astrocyte) cells from adult rat brain -
> i.e.
> bulk preparation.I do not intend to culture the cells but require a good
> separation of the two.Anyone suggest starting refs, etc...Thanks PJD.

I might suggest the book edited by Shahar, Vellis, called "A 
Dissection and tissue culture manual of the nervous system" put out 
by A.R.Liss Inc, New York.  Although this is a cell culture manual I 
believe that one of the astrocyte protocols used a percol gradient 
method of separation which may be helpful to you.  This book can 
probably be found in your library as it seems to be a fairly common
reference.  Good luck!

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