Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder - Other Etiologies

Gregory S Berns berns+ at pitt.edu
Thu Apr 13 10:01:25 EST 1995

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Darren K Larson <dk_larson at pnl.gov> wrote:
>   I was reading the latest Reader's Digest today and there was an
>interesting article about compulsive/obsessive disorder.  The author
>presented a biological reason (autoimmune attack of the ganglion as a
>result of an infection of streptococcus bacteria) as the etiology in one
>patient's case.  Any other thoughts on the etiology of this disorder?

There was a recent article in JAMA from the NIH group regarding this.
Specifically, they looked at kids with Sydenham's chorea (a post-
streptococcal disord in whom a high percentage are left
with OCD symptoms.  I think the bigger picture is that OCD may be
a disease of the cortical-subcortical circuits including the
basal ganglia.

Greg Berns, MD PhD
Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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