Cortical localization

COLLEEN M. SPECHT v102nq9f at
Thu Apr 13 20:53:06 EST 1995

 >Laurie J. Lundy-Ekman (lundyekl at PACIFICU.EDU) wrote:
 >: Now that we have a sensorimotor cortex (rather than primary motor and 
 >: somatosensory areas), do we still have secondary cortical areas? Do we 
 >: still call the area posterior to the postcentral gyrus secondary 
 >: somatosensory, or is there a more current term?  Thanks!

In article <3mgtlo$e0o at cmcl2.NYU.EDU>, rubinsnk at (Kalman Rubinson) writes:

 >1.  Sensorimotor cortex is not a new term and doesn't mean that the 
 >cortex on the two side of the central sulcus are the same.
 >2.  Yes, they are still called secondary.  Until we get something better.

aren't they called secondary for a reason?

it is my understanding that primary *means* the first cortical tissue to
receive the afferents..

secondary means that's where the primary cells synapse....... no?

if anyone can confirm this, i would appreciate it.


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