Acute disseminated Encephalomyelitis

Clair Regan ez050176 at
Thu Apr 13 18:42:57 EST 1995

I would like to hear from anyone who has heard of the disorder acute 
disseminated encephalomyelitis.
I was told in 1992 that it was more likely that I had contracted this 
than had a first attack of multiple sclerosis based it seems on two vague 
1. I had too many symptoms for a first attack of MS
2. My symptoms were proceeded by a bad case of 'flu.

I have read every article I could find on ADEM (<20) and about half of 
them either say ADEM can't be caused by 'flu or they justdon't mention 
'flu as a possible cause.

I was told that if I experience any new symptoms I would be diagnosed 
with MS so is this just a 'mickey mouse' diagnosis in adults or are there 
guidelines for who is diagnosed with it.

I would appreciate any info as my private research hasn't really got me 
any where.


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