Negative ion therapy for depression / anxiety / fatigue

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>On 2/14/95 CBS Evening News with Connie Chung, Dr. Bob Arnot did a story
>about negative ions and their effect on mood.  They talked about a study
>done at Columbia University where exposure to a high density negative ion
>generator was as effective in treating winter depression as medication.
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>research, I found that negative ion generators are not only therapeutic
>for winter depression, but also have shown to be useful for regular
>depression, anxiety, irritability, etc.  So I purchased a small, high
>density generator and it has given me substantial relief from my symptoms.
Quite interesting indeed! There are also studies showing increase in
arousal and learning abilities in normal and autistic children!

Negative ions have also a variety of effects which don't seem to be
explain only by human mind satifaction: 

Under negative ion environement, rats developped less stomac ulcers,
[Deleanu & Bordas, Rom.J.Intern.Med. 1991, 29:215-20] and get less
analgesic (!!!) from a low dose of morphine [Beardwood & Jordi,
Bioelectromagnetics, 1990, 11:207-12]

Ask me if you are interested in buying an ionizer.

Daniel Bossut, DVM, PhD

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