Top 10 Neuroscience Programs

David dhe at
Fri Apr 14 15:47:52 EST 1995

>> On Feb. 20th 1995 "The Scientist" published a list on the top 10 

Uh...wouldn't the contents of such a list be enormously dependent on
one's own particular research interests, and on the type of student/
faculty interaction one wants?  I don't see the value of a list that
ranks schools in terms of numbers of publications, with no regard for
what's _in_ the publications, or for what it's like to be in the
labs where the data are being collected.

Also, if you include clinical neuropsychology under the umbrella term
_neuroscience_--and I do--then such a list becomes almost irrelevant,
given clinical neuropsychology's emphasis on diagnostic assessment.


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