Neuronal plasticity/learning & memory?

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> Hi,
> I am a finalist studying biochemistry and neurobiology in particular.
> Could someone please explain to me the current understanding of the 
> molecular mechanisms responsible for neuronal plasticity and  also to 
> what extent do they account for learning and memory. Any help would be 
> greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
> Jawad
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I'm not sure what a "finalist" is, but, as a graduate student in
neurobiology having recently passed my qualifying exams for Ph.D.
candidacy, let me assure you that you'll learn a lot more by looking up
the material yourself.  I'm sure you can find some good reviews in TINS,
or perhaps in Neuron or J. Neurosci.  There are also plenty of textbooks
out there for a more basic introdution.

Good luck!

- Hannah

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