Top 10 Neuroscience Programs

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Sat Apr 15 17:01:19 EST 1995

On Thu, 13 Apr 1995, Stephan Anagnostaras wrote:

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> > On Feb. 20th 1995 "The Scientist" published a list on the top 10 
> > 1  Washinton University in St. Louis
> > 2  Yale
> > 3  Johns Hopkins
> > 4  Stanford
> > 5  MIT
> > 6  Cornell
> > 7  U. of Chicago
> > 8  Harvard
> > 9  U.C. Irvine
> > 10 Rockefeller
> > 
> > Personally I feel there are a few conspicuous omissions from this list, 
> > namely: U.C. San Diego, U.C. San Francisco and the University of 
> > Washinton in Seattle; and probably a few more I can't think of at the moment.
> This list is just stupid. UCSD, UCLA, Berkeley, and UCSF all have better
> Neuroscience programs than Irvine does, almost any way you would measure
> these programs (e.g., student selectivity, faculty, etc.).  Harvard
> and Johns Hopkins also don't have particularly good programs.
> Michigan, Purdue, UIUC, Duke are all better than those.  What a dumb
> list.  What are the citations based on? #citations / faculty member?
> Considering that UCLA and UCSD each have almost 200 faculty in their
> neuroscience programs it is hard to believe Irvine has more citations...
my my are we touchy, i did my undergraduate at berkeley (mcb, emphasis in 
neurobiology) and while cal does have a good program i don't think it is 
all that great. i am currently in the md/phd program here at uci. why did 
i pick uci??? because of their neurobiology program.

i agree with you that ucla and probably ucsd and ucsf also have 
phenomenal programs, but uci has worked hard and well deserves it 

there are 4 departments here that are part of the "neuroscience 
department". psychobiology, anatomy&neurobiology, pharmacology, and 

psychobio is the most famous of the four with a strong emphasis on 
learning and memory, and neurodegenerative diseases. some of our more 
famous and prolific professors include carl cotman, gary lynch, herb 
killackey, james mcgaugh, to name a few.

anat&neurobio is a smaller department with an emphasis in molecular 
neuro, neuroanatomy, and regeneration. the world-famous EG jones is the 
chairman. others in the program are christine gall, jim fallon, and 
marianne bronner-fraser.

pharm emphasizes in receptors, transmitters, and neurovascular 
interactions. with people such as frances leslie, ralph purdy, and sue 

finally, the neurology department does clinical research and brain 
imaging research.

i chose uci for this reason--all levels of neuroscience from the molecule 
to human pathology are being actively pursued and integrated here. there 
are many top researchers. other schools such as berkeley have very narrow 
scopes of types of neuro research, albeit equally excellent.

uci deserves its rank. and please find out more info before you flame a 

-neal prakash, msp3.

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