Please Reply

Ibrahim Mustafa im2 at
Sun Apr 16 00:45:50 EST 1995

Dear Netters,

I have a question regarding hearing problem of my father. 
He is 60 years old. He is continuously hearing a sound of
beep or sound like coackraoch , as he describes, in one of
his ears. The intensity of the sound increases and decreases
but never diminishes. So far we have visited many doctors 
(in india and pakistan) but they say that the cure of 
this disease in not discovered yet. They call it "Tinnitis (?)"
Because of this sound he has dizzines all the time and he cant
drive.  Please tell me where to take him ? Is the cure available
in USA or not ? or anywhere else ? 
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated 
 Thanks a lot in apprecaition

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