Current & Emerging Neurologic Treatments?

A.T.I. % Phil Sorensen ati at
Mon Apr 17 14:13:50 EST 1995

I am working on a project to determine current and emerging procedures
and technologies in 4 neurologic areas:

* interventional neuroradiology
* nerve repair/regeneration
* treatment of chronic pain
* spinal procedures

I am trying to learn what the current treatments are in this area and
what emerging techniques/technologies seem promising.

I would be interested in interviewing via telephone anyone knowledgeable
(clinical or research) in any of these areas.  If you wouldn't mind
taking 5 minutes with me on the phone, could you kindly email a
convenient date/time for me to call you?  If you'd rather respond to any
of the 4 areas listed above via email (i.e. don't want to talk on the
phone), that'd be welcome, too.

Many thanks,

P. Sorensen
Philip Sorensen
ati at
Advanced Technology Innovations, Inc.
Arlington, VA  22206

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