Eric Lothman MD PhD

Thomas P. Bleck tpb9k at
Mon Apr 17 13:00:48 EST 1995

For those of you who knew Eric Lothman and have not
heard, he died on Saturday morning while jogging, 
presumably of a cardiac arrhythmia.  He was 47.
His funeral will be on Wednesday, April 19.

Eric was one of the world's most outstanding
basic epilepsy neuroscientists, a superb clinician
and teacher, and a great human being.

Personal friends may wish to call the department
of neurology at UVa for information about a 
memorial (804-924-5542).

Tom Bleck    (Thomas P. Bleck, M.D.)   tbleck at
Departments of Neurology and Neurological Surgery
University of Virginia School of Medicine

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