Looking for invited professors

Hans du Buf dubuf at mozart.si.ualg.pt
Tue Apr 18 12:39:43 EST 1995

This message is for EXPERIENCED researchers (post-postdoc), 
so if you think it might be of interest to your boss or project 
leader, please forward it to him and/or put on the wall.

We, the undersigned and Sergio de Jesus, are looking for a few
experienced researchers who are interested in spending a study
leave or whatever down here in the sunny Algarve.
Here in Portugal we have local funding for paying study grants
with a duration of 3 - 24 months, and the money includes travels,
subsidence for longer stays, and salary (the latter is excellent, 
order of 500KEsc/month). The paperwork to be done is acceptable!

The idea is to (try to) define a project related to our work,
which is for Sergio underwater acoustics and statistical array
processing, and for me image processing and pattern recognition
(texture analysis, multiscale line/edge detection, modeling of
visual perception i.e. spatial brightness), and which broadens 
our scope.
The invited people can also contribute to the development of a
masters' course which will probably start this autumn. This
course will include signal and image processing, but also
computer graphics (where we don't have significant experience, so
an interesting possibility is the link im_process and comp_graph).

Please contact me if you are seriously interested (note that I will 
be away for a workshop last week of April).

Prof.dr.ir. J.M.H. du Buf                                 dubuf at ualg.pt
Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science - UCEH,
University of Algarve,                    tel (+351 89) 817166 ext 7606
Campus de Gambelas, 8000 Faro, Portugal            fax (+351 89) 818560
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