Prantik Mazumder prantik at
Tue Apr 18 14:30:53 EST 1995

 I have completed Bachelors and Masters program in Chemical Engineering.
 Recently, I have become very interested in Neuroscience and may like
 to pursue graduate study and research in this field.  But I don't have
 any background in this field.  I am wondering what kind of academic
 preparation or background one would need for graduate study in
 Neuroscience and whether it would still be possible for someone like
 me coming from a very remote field of study to get into a good program.
 I also want to know what kind of research goes on in this field.
 Which schools or institutes have good program in Neuroscience and 
 who are the people that I may need to get in touch with...
 Any help will be highly appreciated..
 Thanks in advance,
 Prantik Mazumder
Prantik Mazumder
prantik at

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