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In article <3mjaag$473 at>, gt7447a at (Shelli Heather Godfrey) says:
>My sister is graduating this May and will be going on to graduate school
>in Neuroscience.  For graduation, I wanted to give her a subscription to a
>good journal in the field.   She has a background in biology and
>neuroscience but I want to find one that she will readily understand. 
>Does anyone have any recommendations?  Could you send me an address and
>cost?  Thank you in advance.  I am so proud of my sister!
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There are many journals in the neurobiology field, and what might
be the most usefull depends on her area of interest. However, if 
you don't want to ask her, or if she doesn't know, a review 
journal would probably be a good idea for a new student in the 
field. "Current Opinions in Neurobiology" is a bi-monthly journal
(I think) that costs about $60 for students. You might try a 
subscription to Science or Nature if you want more of a general
overview of research in every field. Neurobiology and Neuroscience
Letters are also usefull and good reporters on current trends and
research. You must realize that her graduate department probably
subscribes to many journals, so if you get her a private subscription
it ought to be for reviews on the field and current thought, rather
than for research publications. This is my opinion anyway, as a 
new student in the field myself. You can get the addresses from the
local library, or from a on-line search service.

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