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du (Gail M. Simmons) writes:
>Several posters have complained that since "Poor Richard" posted
>anonymously, they can't reply to him outside of the newsgroup.  Just
>wanted to let everyone know that this is incorrect.  If you send email
>to "Poor Richard" at his address, it will get to him
>through regular email channels.  However, you will still not get to know
>his real name/login, and if you don't include those items in YOUR message
>he won't get to know yours, either!  But I don't see why anyone serious
>about science really wants to reply to this guy...
Lets suppost this guy is the genuis that we all wait to read his/her latest
research results.  It would destroy his/her support base if he says something
idiotic.  So he/she could test the waters with a wild idea to see how the
community of open minded individuals like our selves would respond.
I personally see nothing wrong with being wrong.  As far as his idea
is concerned at this time the topic does not interest me.  However, with
out a lot of thought I would say I could accept the idea tentatively
as being an example of how evolutionary forces started the process of
developing higher cognitive functions.  Ron Blue x011 at

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