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Trends in Neuroscience
Trends in Neuroscience
Trends in Neuroscience!!!!!

Clear choice; 
Current opinions - too specialized
Nature/science - soon, but not yet; research reports quite terse, hard to 
follow if you dont know field
Neuroscience Letter??? are you kidding???

If no one else does, ill dig up cost (student disc)/address and POST.
Nice gift

>>My sister is graduating this May and will be going on to graduate school
>>in Neuroscience.  For graduation, I wanted to give her a subscription to a
>>good journal in the field.   She has a background in biology and
>>neuroscience but I want to find one that she will readily understand. 
>>Does anyone have any recommendations?  Could you send me an address and
>>cost?  Thank you in advance.  I am so proud of my sister!
>>                Shelli Godfrey - Materials Science and Engineering
>>        Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, Georgia  30332
>>                        Internet: gt7447a at

>There are many journals in the neurobiology field, and what might
>be the most usefull depends on her area of interest. However, if 
>you don't want to ask her, or if she doesn't know, a review 
>journal would probably be a good idea for a new student in the 
>field. "Current Opinions in Neurobiology" is a bi-monthly journal
>(I think) that costs about $60 for students. You might try a 
>subscription to Science or Nature if you want more of a general
>overview of research in every field. Neurobiology and Neuroscience
>Letters are also usefull and good reporters on current trends and
>research. You must realize that her graduate department probably
>subscribes to many journals, so if you get her a private subscription
>it ought to be for reviews on the field and current thought, rather
>than for research publications. This is my opinion anyway, as a 
>new student in the field myself. You can get the addresses from the
>local library, or from a on-line search service.

>Cosmin Dobrescu
>Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.   USA
>cosmin at

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