Top 10 Neuroscience Programs

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> This list is just stupid. UCSD, UCLA, Berkeley, and UCSF all have better
> Neuroscience programs than Irvine does, almost any way you would measure
> these programs (e.g., student selectivity, faculty, etc.).  Harvard
> and Johns Hopkins also don't have particularly good programs.
> Michigan, Purdue, UIUC, Duke are all better than those.  What a dumb
> list.  What are the citations based on? #citations / faculty member?
> Considering that UCLA and UCSD each have almost 200 faculty in their
> neuroscience programs it is hard to believe Irvine has more citations...
> You are also certainly correct about Univ of Washington, which is
> at least better than Yale, JH, Harvard, UCI, and Stanford. What
> is the deal here?  Why are Yale, JH, and Harvard on this list
> at all?

Perhaps you are speaking from a bias towards behavioral neuro, but Hopkins
is certainly one of the best in the country.  I believe the list was
compiled by looking at schools that have published a minimum number of
papers in the last 15 or so years, and then looking at the number of
citations per paper to get an index of the impact of the research at the
institution.  It is not a list of top graduate programs or a ranking by the
number of faculty.  I agree that it is not a complete list of excellent
neuroscience departments, but it doesn't claim to be any such thing.  
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