Mononeuritis Multiplex

Shivakumar S. Nair SSN at
Thu Apr 20 01:46:26 EST 1995

My mother (presently in India) has been diagnosed with acute mononeuritis 
multiplex, possibly due to vasculitis, resulting in severe loss of 
functionality of arms. However, a dead end has been reached as far as further 
treatment is concerned, and in fact the doctors have been unable to come to a 
definite diagnosis as to the true nature and cause of her illness. I am trying 
to obtain information on whether improved testing/treatment/rehabilation is 
available here (in the US), or if the treatment being followed is the only one 

The treatment currently prescribed is Cyclophosphamide and Methyl 
Prednisolone, with physiotherapy of arms. However, there seems to be hardly 
any improvement while the side effects of both the  drugs are significant. 
Alternate/additional course of treatment recommended is plasmaphoresis. A 
skin, muscle & nerve biopsy to test for vasculitis has been deferred due to 
her overall weakness.

If anyone is aware of any better line of treatment being practised for this 
illness or anything that has been omitted in the present treatment, could you 
please let me know? I would also appreciate the name/address of any 
doctor/facility here with known expertise in this area, whom I could consult.
_Any_ information in this regard will be immensely helpful.

Thanks a lot,

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