Craving salt

COLLEEN M. SPECHT v102nq9f at
Thu Apr 20 11:20:43 EST 1995

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>kathy at (King Kathy) writes:
>>       Does anyone know why someone would CONSTANTLY, year
>>       after year, crave salt and salty foods? It seems very
>>       bizarre. I've heard that infants supposedly crave salt
>>       but have nothing to back that up. Any ideas?
>>       -Kathy King


is this someone you know?

it sounds like it could be addison's disease (of the adrenal glands).

whomever you refer to should see a physician (endocrinologist) immediately.
a constant salt appetite is a very serious sign.

(p.s. an endocrinologist would also be seen if faulty brain mechanisms are
suspected - it is all part of one endocrine axis (i.s. adrenals, kidneys, and
the brain).


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