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> Shelli Heather Godfrey (gt7447a at wrote:
> : My sister is graduating this May and will be going on to graduate school
> : in Neuroscience.  For graduation, I wanted to give her a subscription to a
> : good journal in the field.   She has a background in biology and
> : neuroscience but I want to find one that she will readily understand. 
> : Does anyone have any recommendations?  Could you send me an address and
> : cost?  Thank you in advance.  I am so proud of my sister!
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> Trends in Neuroscience is the journal of choice!  

I whole heartedly agree! Trends in Neuroscience (Published in the UK)
is an excellent choice to get broad overviews on current subjects in 
neuroscience research.  Don't know of the cost but there is a student
discount not doubt.  Check your local university library for a copy
to get the address.  Best of luck with her studies!

Jerry Clayton
Dept. of Neurology
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

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