quartz electrodes / Suter P-2000

Gerald Pollack gpollack at bio1.lan.mcgill.ca
Thu Apr 20 09:20:16 EST 1995

I'm thinking of writing a grant to buy a Suter P-2000 micropipette puller, 
with the goal of using quartz microelectrodes for intracellular recording. I'd 
appreciate any comments about quartz electrodes, and about this particular 
puller. Specific questions I have are (1) are quartz electrodes as good as 
Suter says they are (i.e. stronger, sharper)? (2) does the P-2000 work as well 
as other models (e.g the P-97) with borosilicate glass? (3) Suter's catalog 
says there may be problems using the P-2000 with tubing having o.d. other than 
1.0 mm; has anyone used larger-diameter tubing, and if so, what are the 

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