postdoctoral fellowship open

George Kostopoulos gkkostop at
Sat Apr 22 03:37:09 EST 1995

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position - --
- supported by 
the European Union Program: 
Human Capital and Mobility, 
- to investigate changes in thalamocortical excitability 
in epilepsy using electrophysiological techniques 
in rat brain slices. 
- The particular project conducted in the laboratory of 
Dr. G. Kostopoulos at the University of Patras/ Greece
is part of a group effort with prominent laboratories in
 Paris, Berlin, Milan and Strasbourg 
on the general theme of 
- Position available immediately. 
- Duration of support : 18-24 months. 
- The qualified applicant should be a citizen of any EU
 country (including Austria, Finland and Sweden) 
except Greece, 
have a Ph.D. degree 
and experience in intracellular recording techniques.
 Knowledge of Greek language is not required as all
 members of the Dept. of Physiology speak English. 
- The support follows the standards of the HCM and
 includes travelling to meetings and co-operation with
 the other partners of the project team. 
- Send application with CV and names of 3 referees to :
 Professor George Kostopoulos, M.D., Ph.D.
Physiology Dept., Medical School, University of Patras,
 261 10  Greece, phone :+30 61-992389, 997667, 
fax : 30 61-997215, 
e-mail : gkkostop at

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