Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries and Post Polio

Robert rg2739 at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Sat Apr 22 19:37:02 EST 1995

I sent this message (see below) out to the list last week and received only
one reply. Therefore I assume no one has any knowledge concerning this type
of spinal cord injury. My next question is can anyone refer me to a source
or an individual that might be able to provide some information to fulfill
my request. Also, does anyone know of a web page or a contact person at
Rancho Los Amigos Rehab. facility in California?


I am starting to investigate incomplete spinal cord injuries and was
curious to know if anyone is aware of any research that determines whether
or not incomplete spinal cord injuries can develop post-polio-like symptoms
or if anyone knows of any cases of incomplete spinal cord injuries
developing post-polio-like symptoms. If anyone has any information that can
be of help, please e-mail me personally.



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