Naloxone Use in Medicine

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>Can anuyone tell me if NALOXONE is used medically? If so, and anyone has
>personal experience (as a recipient or observer) please let me know.

Naloxone is very extensively used in medicine.  It is one of the most
commonly used drugs both in the operating room and emergency room for
reversal of opiates.  You may be interested to know that naloxone has also
been used in very high doses for the treatment of acute spinal cord
injury.  The standard dose of naloxone for reversal of heroin overdose is
typically less than 0.5 mg for the average size human.  The dose that we
used in a clinical trial of spinal cord injury was 5.4 mg/kg bolus
followed by 3.0 mg/kg/hour for 23 hours.  

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Wise Young
NYU Medical Center

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