Syringomyelia information

WiseY wisey at
Sun Apr 23 00:25:57 EST 1995

There is some controversy both about the name and the cause of traumatic
syrinxes versus classic syringomyelia which is believed to be related to
enlargements of central canal or other cerebrospinal fluid carrying
structures.  Traumatic injury produces cysts at the injury site that may
or may not communicate with the central canal.  These cysts may be
different from those that are classically associated with syringomyelia. 
To my knowledge, there has yet to be convincing evidence that shunting of
a post-traumatic cyst has lasting beneficial effects.  I would greatly
appreciate hearing from anybody who believes or has evidence otherwise.  

Wise Young, M.D., Ph.D.
NYU Medical Center, New York, NY  

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